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Mature content
Chapter six(Daniel O`Daniel :iconpokecidey:PokeCidey 3 3
King of the Ring (Last Poem x3)
Right, so time is tight,
But i still have time, to tell you i`m fine.
Not that you care, you`re heartless like a bear,
But i thought i`d mention it anyway.
I should remind you my heart still hurts,
I can`t believe everything was a game,
And you did it for fame.
I should have seen it, `cause  you were a player.
I thought you had changed, Rearanged,
But i was wrong, again.
You still have to be King of the Ring,
And I, was just a subject in the Castle.
Nothing special.
So that is how i feel, mister "This time, it`s for real."
:iconpokecidey:PokeCidey 1 0
Dearest Memory. (Another Poem x3)
Bellow is the dearest memory i behold, of you and I,
When i could still call you mine.
You held my hand, and kissed my lips,
Made my life, a whole big bliss,
I felt so blessed, when you would stay up with me all night, and get no rest.
Our hearts ached for eachother, no matter the weather.
I remember saying "I love you." And you calling me Boo.
I can recall us playing in the snow,
And during that dance, you wearing a bow
When our relationship was an easy Flow,
But now, its a f*cking blow.
Nothing is right,
you`re not in my sight,
I feel all this fright,
and my muscles are tight
Now i`m wondering,was this all worth the fight?
What happened to us?
What happened to this?
What happened during our last kiss?
:iconpokecidey:PokeCidey 1 0
Dear Friend (Poem.)
Hello, dear friend.
I guess now, i should call you a fiend.
We used to be close,
And now i`m just roast,
i`m lost,
I don`t see why you vanished
I`m famished in memories,
all about you,
seeking the truth,
and knowing it`s useless,
Because you don`t care,
and knowing that is even worse,
I`m wondering now, have i been cursed?
:iconpokecidey:PokeCidey 1 0
Clouded Thoughts (Poem.)
My thoughts, their clouded,
I`m remembering everything you ever said,
And noticing, they were lies,
And all of them, i bought,
You sought,
To ruin my life,
And it worked,
Are you happy?
You made me feel Sappy,
Yet now im feeling down,
You left me in the bloom,
I wish you`d remember whom,
Saved you from doom,
And lastly, who taught you to be YOU.
:iconpokecidey:PokeCidey 1 0
Cold Soul (Poem.)
You`re soul is cold,
And mine is Weak,
She says she remembers the last time you Peeked,
I`ve Seeked,
You`ve reached,
I`m torn,
She was born,
Time has spread,
I have been shred,
You`re taking up all the room in my head,
But still, you`re not here with me.
I can`t remember the last time you said good-bye,
It seems so long ago,
Now everything moves so slow,
I wish i could go back in time,
But sadly, my life has no rewind.
:iconpokecidey:PokeCidey 2 2
Chapter Five(A Sweet Surprise.)
Cherry stared at the bright, multicolor stars that shone brightly in the black night sky. She sighed to herself, a feeling blazing in her stomach. She had never felt this kind of feeling before. Was it guilt? Or maybe guilt mixed with something else? Whatever it was, she decided, it sucked.
She twisted in her bed, already tangled in her blankets from the tossing and turning she had been doing for the past three hours now.
~What the heck is wrong with me?! Cherry asked herself, annoyed. ~Just go to sleep already!
Her body refused to listen to her, her heart beating quickly. Every part of her frame was alive and active except her eyes, which begged for her to put them to rest.
Finally, Cherry reached over and switched the little lamp set beside her bed on, the light eliminating the once dark room. This was her room; the one she practically lived in before the move. The walls were still a dark purple, and the floor was still a soft, dark blue carpet. The blankets on her bed were a light p
:iconpokecidey:PokeCidey 3 5
Mature content
Chapter Four(Ian BirdyWood.) :iconpokecidey:PokeCidey 3 8
Regrets-Chapter Three(Him.)
Oh god. Cherry thought, her beautiful blue eyes wide. Not him! Not now!
She could already hear the footsteps wondering her house, searching for her. Ectasy had obviously told him she had come back. Ectasy would definitely get it later, but what about right now? He was in her HOUSE. She couldn't get rid of him now.
Get a hold of yourself, Cherry! He`s just a boy, for god`s sake!
Cherry took in a deep breath before slowly proceeding up the steps, she could hear him calmly walking around her living room, most likely snooping through her father`s things, patiently waiting for her to join him.
I can`t believe I'm doing this. She groaned before silently stepping into the warm, sun heated room that was crammed with furniture. The large television was blank, looking dead and useless, while the furniture was ripped and tattered from years of heavy use. She had to look around before she finally spotted him...
She let out a loud gasp as her eyes lay across his perfect features. He still had that
:iconpokecidey:PokeCidey 3 10
Mature content
Regrets- Chapter two(Secret room) :iconpokecidey:PokeCidey 2 7
Regrets- Chapter one(Home.)
Cherry stared at the blank wall; hurt surrounding every inch of her body. She was remembering her childhood; her bullies, to be exact.
She was now eighteen, and hadn`t seen any of them since she had moved to another state with her best friend Ectasy. But now, she was back in that small, blue house with chipped paint and an abandoned look to it. Why had she come back? Even she didn`t know-Or more, she chose to forget to know the real reason. The story she went by was,She had just felt the tug to follow Ectasy back to the small town they had grown up in. Ectasy had only come back because of tragedy, her father had been killed just days ago.
Cherry should have felt sad for her, but really, she was excitded about the death that allowed her to have an excuse to come home, home to her father, her hometown, her cru-
"Cherry?" Someone said lightly, making the red-headed girl jump with surprise and shock; Her father  wasn`t even home yet, who the heck was in her father`s house?!
She t
:iconpokecidey:PokeCidey 4 11
Mature content
Regrets- Prologue(The beginning) :iconpokecidey:PokeCidey 4 35


Mature content
Suicide (Short Story 1) :iconlittlefishpenguin95:LittleFishPenguin95 4 23
wave by albatros1 wave :iconalbatros1:albatros1 3 0 shell by albatros1 shell :iconalbatros1:albatros1 2 0
Short Story- Siblings
The sun shone through the canopy of green leaves above them as they walked along the trail toward their destination. Susan stared ahead with a sort of grim determination as her little brother skipped along beside her. Suddenly, she couldn't take it anymore. Stopping abruptly she turned to the child, fury set on her features. He blanched when he saw her expression and stopped as well. "Do you think this is a game? Do you think this is funny?" she growled.
He trembled visibly as he looked down at his feet. "No, sister..."
"Mom and Dad are dead, and you're prancing around as though nothing happened! Next you'll be singing as well. You need to be serious, for once in your life! This is not a joke or a prank, Stephen. This is serious."
He seemed to shrink the more she spoke, and by the time she finished he was on the ground, crying. "I'm sorry, Susan..."
She sighed, and her scowl quickly disappeared. "No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled at you like that. You're just a child..." She hugge
:iconlittlefishpenguin95:LittleFishPenguin95 5 12
His Love for Her
As they danced he noticed the light radiating from her aura, her very soul alive with her love for him. The comfort of her warmth filled him with slow desire. He could never be without this fiery repose. He leaned his head away slightly to look upon her beautiful features, her eyes shining like the light from her body, her lips parted and damp, her golden blond hair tumbling in gentle waves about her face, and he could not contain himself any longer.
Leaning toward her, he watched her deep, sea green eyes darken and slowly close. She relaxed in his arms, and he pressed his lips softly against hers.
As the kiss deepened he lost a part of himself, a part he'd never really known before. That place in his heart that had always belonged to her. She took it as her own, and she must have felt the change as well because she pulled away and met his gaze.
She stared, and her lips moved as though she wished to speak, but he stopped her. Reaching into the pocket of his pants, he pulled out the rin
:iconlittlefishpenguin95:LittleFishPenguin95 12 34
One and only
When the sun rises over the mountains
   I know you'll be there.
     Warm as the quiet spring behind my house;
        As refreshing as the gentle breeze coming down from the rocks above us.
           You are my inspiration in a time of emptiness,
              My happiness in times of despair.
                 You are my lover, my fighter, my one and only:
:iconlittlefishpenguin95:LittleFishPenguin95 8 10
Do you know what waits for you;
In the dark, under your bed?
Do you know it's after you;
This thing inside your head?
It's coming for you, little girl;
Just you wait and see.
Its teeth are sharp and glistening;
It's mocking smile of glee.
It loves to torture, yes it does.
It feeds off fear and pain.
You see it in your dreams at night;
It's laughter far from sane.
Its skin is charcoal black, you know.
It's burned right to a crisp.
The very prospect reeks of Hell.
It gives your heart a twist.
Its eyes a misty white
It stares into your own.
It eats your sadness, hungering tears.
It loves when you're alone.
If you could see it's just not real
It wouldn't mean a thing.
You could write a poem about it;
Laughter it would bring.
:iconlittlefishpenguin95:LittleFishPenguin95 13 47
Soaring above the tree tops
                         Wings rippling in the wind,
                                                 This is where life begins.
Peace all consuming
                 Heart beating slow,
                                 The bird gracefully swoops down
Among the trees.
:iconlittlefishpenguin95:LittleFishPenguin95 14 15
I never met you, face to face,
But I heard lovely things about you.
You were gentle and kind
And purely defined
As a wonderful human being.
You saved her life
And for that you are timeless.
You will always be close
In our hearts.
:iconlittlefishpenguin95:LittleFishPenguin95 11 35
Frolicking, playing,
Destruction all night,
Waking the neighbors
and searching for mice.
They're begging for wet food
And making a fuss.
Oh the children,
They love them,
Pulling they're fur out in tufts.
With anger and fear
They escape the small hands,
And watch safely from under
The couches and chairs,
Avoiding the inevitable,
For as long as they can.
Then, late that night
When all are in bed
They get their revenge
With their ruckus again.  
:iconlittlefishpenguin95:LittleFishPenguin95 7 20
Who decides?
The earth spins at speeds faster than any human being,
Yet life seems to move so slowly at times.
How can the place we live seem so small
In comparison to all other objects in space
Yet be so large a part of our lives?
Why do we, as humans, think it is okay
To destroy the thing that allows us to be whom we are?
If the earth is small
We are smaller;
Just blimps on the surface a sphere
Lost in space among thousands, millions of others
Just like it.
What makes one blimp
Feel as though they are better than any other?
The understanding of this concept is lost to me.
Equality is something that goes unanswered.
Amongst billions of others
One man can feel superior.
This baffles me;
The idea of superiority.
Who decides who is wrong and who is right?
Who controls the way the earth spins
And makes it their own?
Who places in one's mind
The thought that they are better
Than all the rest of mankind's blimps?
After all,
Life may seem slow at times
Even though the earth spins faster than any human be
:iconlittlefishpenguin95:LittleFishPenguin95 17 28
One breath.
One heart.
  One mind.
We are unique
and yet we are the same.
Trusting someone else
so completely as this
     makes you
Our souls,
combined  in a fit of rage,
  Every fiber of our beings
         At first
fighting against what we had made
    it was truly inevitable.
We are in love as one
         We are
:iconlittlefishpenguin95:LittleFishPenguin95 25 24
Black and White Hills by LittleFishPenguin95 Black and White Hills :iconlittlefishpenguin95:LittleFishPenguin95 4 3 The Path by LittleFishPenguin95 The Path :iconlittlefishpenguin95:LittleFishPenguin95 6 7 Looking Up by LittleFishPenguin95 Looking Up :iconlittlefishpenguin95:LittleFishPenguin95 3 0 Memories by LittleFishPenguin95 Memories :iconlittlefishpenguin95:LittleFishPenguin95 9 0


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United States
Hello! I haven`t been on in forever! The family computer actually broke, and my parents only just got a new one.
Anyway, with the story I had started before vanishing, I plan on continuing it, though i have to find the chapter I left off at. I started writing the other one, but i`m not sure were i placed it, so i`ll just start over xD
I think I also said that I was drawing pictures of the characters? Well, i completely forgot about those, but i`m going to try and do that again. I also can`t wait to talk to you all again! It`s been so long!
Well, I have to go now, so I guess that`s it. :3


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